woensdag 17 augustus 2011


Yesterday I went to Antwerpen, It is a great city in Belgium. And... *tam tam tam tam* ... THERE COMES A FOREVER 21.  When I was in America I saw that shop and I felt in love with it. It is so great and I was so happy when I saw that it will come in Antwerpen! finally haha

 shirt: Urban Outfitteres
jeans: Urban Outfitters (these jeans are the best I ever had!)
boots: Sacha
clock: I think something like Berskha i don't know

3 opmerkingen:

  1. i'm sorry that you can't read my blog ): i love your shirt! and you have a nice lay-out too! (:


  2. Love the outfit & the pocket watch!
    Followed your blog! Perhaps check out mine and follow back?

  3. We toootaaaaaally love your outfit!
    + you're so amazingly beautiful :')
    keep up with your blog!
    With love from

    mayaandsusannah.blogspot.com <3