dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Rainy day

Today it is a boring and rainy day. My outfit is very comfortable, because that is easier to spend the day (: Today I have spent two hours more than normally on school. Because tomorrow I have a presantation from Art & Culture, that is a special training by my school. I have subjects like dance, theater, audio visual, more drawing and scuplture.

The pictures aren't really nice, sorry!

As you can see, I AM GOING TO BLOG IN ENGLISH (: okay there are a lot of errors, but you can think that away and than more people can read my blog!

Scarf: tourist shop in Paris
Denim shirt: Vero Moda
Black dress: h&m
bag: ?
I have got two rings from my friends. This winter I had a owls addiction and a friend of me bought this ring for me to make mine gathering complete. <3

and this is my favourite style book. My brother gived it to me when it was Christmas. I was really happy with his gift!

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  1. The English is pretty good (: nicely done. It should be "gave" instead of "gived" though, other than that, you should be proud :) I can't write in any other languages